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Gluon Rulez

After my last BLOG entry (long time ago) lot of things have happened, JavaFX performance has improved a lot and the quantity of things that it provides and you can find for this framework has grown in quantity and quality. There are more components and definitely one of the missing parts on the equation has appear and it’s called GLUON.

¿What’s GLUON?

Well… Gluon is a company that took “the responsability” to lead a copule of very important projects: Scene Builder and  JavaFXPorts, improving the wy to use both of them, that’s what we are going to talk about.

Scene Builder

Scene Builder is a  JavaFX WYSIWYG for GUIs.

Yeah, i know that “we” prefer to use our old Eclipse or Netbeans and edit our FXML files handly, but it is always a good idea to have an auxiliar tool to help us to create the first prototype and let us make an approach on what we need in order to polish things after (using this tool or aour beloved notepad editor).

The tool is a good one and we are going to put a couple of screenshots about examples that we alrady talked before in this blog.

This way we can move some properties on our GUI quickly.

Improvements we have seen: a better way to manage image resources and CSS files (it does not have a CSS editor and it could be a valuable improvement on the future).

JavaFX Ports

This is what we wait for long long  time, a tool to let us use all the JavaX beauty to develop mobile devices applications.

Once again our life has been made easier. Gluon has generated some plugins that let us focus on coding and forget on the instalations needed, so to make a mobile development we only need to install the required SDKs (Android, iOS -XCode- and Gluon). To have the complete set of instructions on how to do it i will drop the link to see it:


I have to point out that once you have your gluon project and the gradle files generated by the tool you must update the build.gradle file to point to the last javafx ports version as dependency:

dependencies {
classpath ‘org.javafxports:jfxmobile-plugin:1.0.6’
classpath ‘com.android.tools.build:gradle:0.5.+’
classpath ‘com.google.code.ksoap2-android:ksoap2-android:3.4.0’


If you left the default version (the one that the plugin generates the day of this post) you may have some trouble with the displaying position for the item list box for ChoiceBox and DatePicker … and you are not going to like it.

I must recomend an aditional reading of the documentation provided on the site in order to generate notification or some mobiles platform specific features for your programs.

So the good news are on, cause beside these and the modularization that will be in java 9 (jigsaw) we can be sure that the WORE concept is not just back but in the best position ever. Hopefully and Gluon can contribute to create a PPAPI plugin for browsers in order  to run again our applets, that could be “the icing on the cake”.

Greetings and i promise that my blog is back for good.

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  1. Jaime Santiesteban dijo:

    I think those are great news! Interesting article Carlos, hopefully you can share us your recommendations about the tool as you develop your apps.


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